EBK, an all-new E-Bike racing series promising high-speed racing on short road circuits in cities around the world, has confirmed that Olympic cycling legend Ed Clancy OBE has taken up the role of series ambassador for the championship.

As the greatest team pursuit rider of all time, who set no less than eight world records on the track and claimed a career haul of 9 international gold medals, Clancy is one of Britain’s most decorated Olympians and a sportsman of global stature.

Ed’s appointment as series’ ambassador follows a string of announcements from the championship, confirming BMC Switzerland as its official bike partner, official sanctioning from The Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme and the recent appointment of Alexandre Molina, previously Formula 1’s Director of Events, as EBK’s CEO.

The allure for Clancy to be the figurehead of EBK is driven by the series’ intent to challenge established conventions to deliver a compelling sporting proposition; with EBK’s BMC race bikes capable of speeds of up to 90kph contesting short, multi-lap races on city street circuits, a high velocity and visceral experience lies at the heart of the allure for sports fans.

But more than just entertain, EBK aspires to be inclusive, with men and women racing as part of gender-equal teams, while EBK also seeks to champion the widespread adoption of E-Bikes as a clean mobility option.

Ed Clancy said: “I have built a sporting career on the racing purity of cycling under my own power, but the advent of E-Bikes has been so rapid and they are now deserving of their own place in the future of elite cycling.

“I have absolute conviction, having ridden early prototypes from BMC, that the racing will be hard, fast and spectacular, but more than just entertain, we are creating a new sport that will see men and women racing in parity and use the power of example to encourage more people to embrace sustainable ways to move around, especially in cities.

“I am thrilled to be involved with the potential and purpose that EBK promises.”

The races that will be hosted in cities around the world will be contested by between six and 10 teams, each fielding an equal number of male and female competitors, resulting in a field of between 30 and 50 riders.

A balance of the race effort will be delivered by human performance and the rest via an electric motor, demanding tactical deployment by riders over the course of a multi-lap race.

This summer will see a series of exhibition events in the UK and in host cities internationally before the unveiling of the 2024 season calendar along with the details of competing riders and teams.

Clancy added: “Over the next few months, we will be revealing more details about our race format, the teams and competitors, unveiling the all-important BMC race bike and announcing our calendar for this summer and for the inaugural 2024 season. There is much to follow – watch this space!”