Organisers of ground-breaking new E-Bike Grand Prix visit Dubai Sports Council to discuss preparations

Feb 9, 2022

EBK GP in Dubai

Left to right – Elena Castorina, Anna Montorsi, Massimo Fogliati, Claudio Santucci, Khalid Al Awar (Dubai Sports Council), His Excellency Saeed Hareb, Secretary General of Dubai Sports Council, Andy Moss, Judith Rowan, Nasser Al Rahma, Assistant Secretary General of the Council, Dylan Moss, Rashed Mohd Abdulla

E-Bike Grand Prix (EBK GP) has visited the Dubai Sports Council to discuss preparations for the ground-breaking new series, which will begin with Dubai hosting the opening race later this year. 

His Excellency Saeed Hareb, Secretary General of Dubai Sports Council, met the EBK GP team in the presence of Nasser Al Rahma, Assistant Secretary General of the Council, and Khalid Al Awar, Director of the Council’s Events Department.

The EBK GP delegation was led by Andy Moss, the Founder and CEO, alongside other members of the EBK GP team, and their partner organisation Black Engineering.

EBK GP is an exhilarating new international cycling series showcasing ground-breaking E-Bike technology, whilst working with global host cities to raise awareness of climate change challenges; seeking to mobilise citizens and promote cleaner, greener, healthier cities.

The series will take place in cities around the world, with races along public roads, showcasing iconic landmarks and cultural sites, as part of a high-speed, thrilling sporting spectacle. The races will be broadcast internationally via television and digital media, led by the EBK GP’s broadcasting partner, Sunset+Vine.

BMC Switzerland are the exclusive bike partner of EBK GP and are building an innovative new E-Bike for the series, which combines traditional cycling capability with battery-powered technology creating the fastest, most technologically advanced, and environmentally-friendly cycle series in the world.

Dubai Sports Council has been in communication with the UK-based organisers of the EBK GP for the past year and, in preparation of the opening race in Dubai in late 2022, the EBK GP bosses have flown in to meet Dubai Sports Council’s top officials, who will facilitate their meetings with other government and private-sector entities for the start of the GP.

HE Saeed Hareb said: “We are thrilled to host the opening leg of the first-ever E-Bike Grand Prix Series – the fastest and most technologically advanced cycle sport in the world. Dubai is one of the world’s most pioneering cities, and is the embodiment of possibility and innovation, and there are clear synergies between our city’s vision and this ground-breaking series, especially when we talk about sustainability and gender-equality.”

Dubai has been announced as the first host city of the series, which will see 10 two-day Grand Prix races being held in different cities around the world. The one-hour criterium-style races will feature 10 competing franchise teams, each fielding two cyclists – one male and one female. Gender equality is central to the series, with both male and female competitions contributing equally to the team’s overall score.

Andy Moss, Founder of the EBK GP Series said: “The Dubai Sports Council’s vision to embrace the E-Bike Grand Prix Series and this innovative new sports property, has proven to be a catalyst in the development of the wider host city calendar. His Excellency’s foresight to embrace innovation has enabled our team to make significant progress and push the boundaries to deliver our showcase event for the Series in Dubai in November”.