Sports business Cube International Ltd announces plans to launch the first city E-Bike Grand Prix in new sustainability drive

Jul 12, 2021

The World’s First City E-Bike Grand Prix

Renowned sports event company Cube International has announced plans to launch the world’s first city E-bike Grand Prix (EBK GP) to bring a new sport to millions of people across the globe, whilst making a demonstrable difference to sustainable and transformative mobility in host cities.

One of the first new sports events to launch since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, the race series will take place in 10 cities across the globe, along public roads, showcasing iconic landmarks and cultural sites.

The race, which will be free to watch to increase accessibility, will be an exhilarating display for spectators who can be promised spectacular Power Zone installations – high incline temporary structures – that force riders to choose whether to use the finite stores of electric power in their bikes to overcome the challenge, or save it to gain advantage elsewhere in the course.

The E-Bikes, which are designed on Pedal Assist, combine both pedalling and electric power that is more sustainable than any form of motorised vehicle. Engineered to perform at considerably higher speeds than current regulations, the bikes will deliver the fastest, most technologically advanced cycle sport in the world.

Having supported the likes of UEFA, F1 and England Rugby, the launch of the EBK GP is part of Cube’s new commitment to redefine and reposition sport through sustainability. The star of the competition, E-Bikes, if used to replace car travel, have the capability to cut car CO2 emissions in England alone by up to 50% (about 30 million tonnes per year). Event organisers hope to encourage greater use of E-Bikes alongside other forms of sustainable transport through the event.

Underpinning the sport element of the race is a commitment to developing and delivering a three-year Sustainable and Transformative Mobility Strategy in each host city, which will help them to mobilise their citizens, trial new sustainable technology innovations and bring about lifestyle and behaviour changes that will leave a legacy of cleaner, greener, healthier cities.

A Team of World-Leading Experts

To deliver the event, which aims to publicly launch later this year, Cube has assembled a partnership team of world-leading experts across technology, sustainability, and sports:

The partnerships team is overseen by the Cube International management team, including Group Chairman Andy Moss, Group CEO Ed Boardman and Group Director of Operations Carl Thompson.

The EBK GP team will be led by:

  • Shane Redenbach – an experienced sports marketer who has worked with the Olympic Games and the Commonwealth Games across the world, and in Australia, in particular where he has worked with other leading Australian sporting events including rugby, cycling and swimming. Shane has been appointed as EBK GP Director to spearhead the project.
  • Judith Rowan – who has over 25 years of experience in founding and running international and Ireland-based national events across the music and sports sectors, ranging from Ed Sheeran to the World Rally Championships. Judith has been appointed EBK GP’s Global Host Cities Director.

Partners include: 

Black Engineering, who design and deliver experiences, entertainments, and events all over the world will lead the project management of the design concept and the concert operations for the EBK GP race series.

Gio Forma, a studio including designers, artists and architects who have worked on events, show, buildings, entertainment spaces across the globe will lead the creative design of the series.

As host broadcaster and media agency Sunset+Vine will produce live broadcast and streaming services, global distribution, social media content and outreach and global news distribution. Given their experience of large broadcast operations – including for the ICC, Commonwealth Games and Premier League Football – they will play a core role in track and venue design and set-up.

26West Sport, run by Murray Barnett, formerly F1 commercial director, will bring expertise in commercial development, partnerships and sponsorship strategies.