The FIM EBK World Cup will soon be launched bringing together 10 teams and 60 riders to compete in the heart of cities around the world as they put on a thrilling sporting endeavour and be a force for change as part of the series’s sustainability message. 

The executive team at EBK has been hard at work: assembling the first-ever soon to be released calendar, working closely with world-renowned partners to create a bespoke racing E-Bike series, engaging with potential teams and riders, and so much more.

EBK is working tirelessly to create racing champions on the track and champions of sustainability off it, recognising a new socially conscious sport has a blank sheet of paper and a powerful platform to affect meaningful change.

Equal opportunity, equal pay and intense breath-taking city-centre racing are at the core of EBK’s platform. As part of this drive, each team will run with three male and three female riders, split into separate races but with all riders scoring equal points in their respective races to create an overall team championship score.

The courses, on public roads, will see racing across circuits ranging from 2.5m to 5km and include ‘Power Zones’ that will require strategic energy use to climb over them.

The Power Zones are imposing inclines in the race course found within the final kilometre of each circuit. Their 20% slopes ensure each rider must use energy assistance to stay with the pack.

That strategy, combined with a quick-fire race format, will combine into a final 15-minute crescendo as riders battle for victory in the heart of cities around the globe.