Thanks to a dynamic set of technical and sporting regulations, devised in partnership with global manufacturers and technical partners, we have created a worldclass sports platform with purpose. It’s a global competition with ten teams fielding two squads of pro riders, one male, one female, all competing for one prize; to be the 2022 EBK Grand Prix Series Champions. 

The EBK Grand Prix Series is a new dynamic global sports property that combines real-world and eSport opportunities with equality, technology, and sustainability at its core. Ten events each held in a different global host city, will witness the theatre of live sporting drama performed throughout the one-hour long criterium-style race. 

Both male and female competitions are treated equally with the points scored from both contributing to the overall team’s competition.

This will be a dynamic fast-paced sporting competition with riders using the world’s most technologically advanced bikes and the teams utilising the best software to process live data streams, helping them form the most effective strategy to win the race. EBK racing combines athletic capability with cutting edge technology and team strategic ingenuity.  

Dramatic installations (Power Zones) with 20 percent climbs will push the riders into their red zone forcing them to use up their limited energy reserves. Those that can stay at the front and yet preserve sufficient energy to tackle the final climbs will be victorious.

80 World Class Athletes

City Centre Locations

Sustainable and Transformative

Fastest, Most Technologically Advanced Bikes

Adrenaline Charged Action

Global Media Coverage